Scoop 6 Explained

The Scoop 6 is Totesport‘s bet to rival the lottery and the pool often reaches seven figures meaning you could win over one million pounds. The Scoop 6 is generally available only on a Saturday. Totesport was the UK government owned bookmaker, formerly called The Tote, but in 2012 they sold it to the private company Betfred.

So how does The Scoop 6 work?

You need to find the winners (or placed horses) in the six chosen races. The six races involved in the bet are chosen by Totesport the day before the bet occurs on a Saturday. They tend to choose very competitive races that are on Channel 4 TV, as Channel 4 gives a lot of publicity to the bet.

The Scoop 6 bet costs £2 a go. You can have as many goes as you like. A £2 bet entitles you to one selection in each of the six races involved.

If you chose two selections in each of the six races then that would give you 64 x Scoop 6 bets. The way this is worked out is by multiplying the number of selections you choose in each leg (or race):

  • Leg 1: 2 selections
  • Leg 2: 2 selections
  • Leg 3: 2 selections
  • Leg 4: 2 selections
  • Leg 5: 2 selections
  • Leg 6: 2 selections

To work out the number of Scoop 6 bets this entitles you to:
2x2x2x2x2x2 = 64 Scoop 6 bets @ £2 each = £128 in total.

If you get the winner in each race then you win the amount of money in the pool (a bit like a lottery). If there is more than one winner then the Scoop 6 pool is divided according to the number of winners.

If there are no winners then the pool will be carried forward to the following Saturday. In that way the pool can grow very large if there are a few carryovers.

But the Scoop 6 bet has a few added extras. Totesport also allocates money from the pool to a ‘Scoop 6 Bonus’. If you win the Scoop 6 then the next week you select a horse to win the ‘bonus race.’ Again, Totesport chooses the bonus race during the week before. It is usually a very competitive handicap on Channel 4 TV. Again if the bonus is not won it carries forward week by week until it is.

There is also a Scoop 6 consolation dividend. If you get a placed horse in each of the six Scoop 6 races then there is a place dividend. It is not usually a lot of money but, dependant on the number of winners and size of the pool, the place dividend might be in the region of £1000.

The place dividend will be higher if a few favourites were out of the frame as that would knock a lot of tickets out of the reckoning. Whereas if a lot of fancied runners did get in the first three then the place return would undoubtedly be small.

How do you place a Scoop 6 bet?

You can place a Scoop 6 bet on the Totesport website. Click on the link below, join Totesport and click the link on their menu to ‘Totepool’ where you will find the Scoop 6 (on a Saturday).

Click here to place a Scoop 6 with Totesport